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        Who Went to PCB?

        Perhaps the list of attendees for Podcamp Boston was the clearest representation of the flourishing technological scene in America. Specifically, the registrant list indicated that within the US, the blue and white collar classes were being melded together by the marriage of technology and business. Both spheres of material influence required the same basic forms of support from technology, and so representatives of firms, private companies, and small mom and pop shops were all heading to PCB to get their share of the learning pie.

        Podcamp Boston was essentially the setting for dreams come true. It seemed as if the roster included every garage design studio in America, and yet it was only a small sampling of what the Podcamp experience had to offer across the globe over time. And it was not just graphic designers and bloggers and business folk. Lobbyists, bankers, grad students, musicians, and even self-branded hackers were vying for slots at PCB.

        Let us consider what could have possibly resulted from the intermingling of the producers of a large bridal podcasting network and a leading product specialist from the Associated Press (both being actual attendants found on the registration list). While it seemed on the outset that these two fields would have little to do with each other, it would not have been too much of a stretch of the imagination to consider the possibility of the bridal podcast hosts interviewing the AP product specialist regarding her wedding. Perhaps the AP specialist learned from the wedding podcast producer of the services she used to reach a vast amount of people (weddings are a popular topic of conversation, of course), and subsequently also sought to use those services on a whole other plane of journalism.

        The previous description would be an apt example of how Podcamp Boston furthered the application and development of new media. But something else that Podcamp Boston did effectively was the expansion of networking opportunities to previously unforeseen proportions. (Of course the wedding podcast producer had a great networking experience). Perhaps the many graduate students in attendance at Podcamp Boston were able to meet with the Partner of Youintern.com. Maybe the investment banker ran into the Executive Director of the Vegetarian Resource Center, struck up a conversation, and the two decided to join together in an international food-distribution venture (branded and advertised of course with their new knowledge of social media as discovered at PCB).

        The concept of teamwork took on a whole new persona of almost blind-dating at Podcamp Boston. And the new relationships had the potential to take the global economy to a new level.


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