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        PCB 6 Schedule

        It would be an understatement to say that the registrants for PodCamp Boston were excited for the event. In fact, it would be an understatement to say that they were thrilled. With thousands of sign ups as a positive sign, it was not even necessary for event organizers to bask in the glow of dozens of warm comments that fanned the web pages for PodCamp Boston. For, at what other event could a person associate with such a unique variety of people, and garner such a rush of completely useable and immediately applicable information that could easily boost sales and business influence?

        At first glance, those very dynamics could very well have been a major intimidation factor: one that would have made many people not want to venture out of their comfort zones, particularly when they had little to no experience with technology or media. Fortunately, word of mouth provided a fabulous solution, for it was noised abroad that the atmosphere of Podcamp Boston was much akin to the old salons of the Enlightenment period in France (or better yet, a large family gathering at which all of your relatives happened to also have lots of incredibly valuable information to share with you over coffee and scones).

        At Podcamp Boston, each small suggestion was taken very seriously. Especially with regard to cutting costs. For this was a “nerd” association, so why rely on Microsoft to foot the bill when no one really paid attention to the surroundings (though invariably, Podcamp Boston was always held in environments extremely conducive to learning, like the Harvard Medical School). Cutting costs was actually of primary importance as PodCamps continued to be held even during the financially strained years of the Great Recession. Additionally, any money that could be channeled toward the Greater Boston Area Food Bank Kid’s Cafe, the better (tens of thousands of kids benefitted from PodCamp Boston collections and donations).

        So, when the idea came down the pike for the abandonment of traditional paper handouts and schedules in favor of their digital counterparts, it was met with warm welcome. For even the local plumber in attendance had an iPhone. After all, why not utilize the very technology that was being preached about? When in Rome, use the cloud, of course! Undoubtedly, this was pleasing to more than just the hungry children who received food out of the funds saved from this idea, as in attendance were more than one environmental specialist and advocate who joined the conference for the very reason of learning how to further their cause and conserve resources.


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