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        PodCamp Boston Contest

        Although Podcamp Boston experienced a tremendous amount of success, it was not always suitable to leave everything up to fate. That was exactly why the initiation of the Podcamp Boston Participant Contest had everyone bustling about. With the prize being worth an excess of three hundred United States dollars, who would not have wanted to encourage some friends to attend Podcamp Boston with them?

        But it was not only a camera (the actual prize) that motivated the masses into attending. Podcamp Boston regularly supplied a great time for all. However, it was of great use to discover that the registration website had features event organizers could tap into to learn from what organizations most of their registrants were funneled. Such statistics were the motivation behind the competition, in order to have even more companies incentivize attendance.

        Therefore, the contest parameters required the winner to have been the means of signing up the most registrants for Podcamp Boston. This was verified by a system through the Eventbrite network in which people interested in signing up based on a referral would register through the referring company’s unique PodCamp Boston registration URL, which tracked each competitor's contributions to the roster. But it was not enough to have lots of people sign up. Physical presence was an absolute must, and that requirement in order to have been able to claim the prized camera ensured that the efforts of all the people collaborating to bring forth Podcamp Boston resulted in educating actual people.

        The competition could be stiff, particularly when conference regulars returned year after year, absolutely thrilled with the opportunity to go back and garner more tactics to further enhance their business reach. Many of these loyal fans were certainly willing to support PCB by providing links to the information pages of the conference and registration. And what was to stop more people from attempting to bring every one of their own loyal customers with them (particularly when a very nice video camera topped the winner’s platform)?

        No matter the moves, and no matter the prize, Podcamp Boston always found its seams bursting with creativity round after round. That physical concept of the conference venue bursting with people indubitably translated to the world wide web bursting with new content and rich ideas of a whole new pool of contributors, eager to show their wares, and make the internet an even cooler place to be.


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